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Gymnasgata 3,
7500 Stjørdal - Stjørdal
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Event date: 7. - 9. May 2021
Ordering deadline: April 27th All orders after deadline will have a 30% late order fee

Friday: 12:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

Adult: kr. 125,-
Senior/student: kr. 60,-
Children under 16 years: free

Technical direction

Ronny Bjørnsen

Project manager

+47 482 24 813
Heidi Janett Lindahl

Technical consultant

+47 482 34 070
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General information

Fair Hotel
Nordic Choice Hotels

As an exhibitor at Boligmesse you get a discount with Nordic Choice Hotels. Use the link below to get the best price at


Tirsdag: Unntaksvis, kun etter forespørsel.

Onsdag: Kl. 08.00-22.00

Torsdag: Kl. 08.00-22.00
Klokken 20 legges det tepper i messehallen, og bruk av truck og jekketraller etter dette tidspunkt er derfor ikke tillatt.

Fredag: Kl. 08.00-10.00
Etter klokken 10 skal kun klargjøring av stand gjenstå. Truck og jekketraller ikke tillatt.


Sunday 17.15-24

All technical equipment is dismantled Sunday night and must therefore be free for exhibitor goods.

Goods can only be collected :
Monday 08-10 with permission from the info stand.

Viktig informasjon

All ordered equipment are only for rent and will get an invoice after the fair ends. Equipment is delivered to the stand in the construction period.


Because of major challenges with WiFi networks we do not offer this anymore. Are you as exhibitor depending on the Internet in your business cabled line must be ordered . This cabled line is not setup for WiFi solutions for the individual exhibitor.

Utstyr som følger med i standleien

Black walls are included.

Hvor vil du ha ditt utstyr plassert?

On the order confirmation e-mail there is a link where you can download a drawing form.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does foreign customers have to pay VAT?

On the 1.1.2010 the new Vat law changed in Norway. Up until this point it was in the regulations authorized a tx exemption for stand rental and associated services to foreign businesses. This regulation is not longer in process by the new VAT rules, and stand rental and associated services to foreign businesses will be regarded as ordinary taxable supplies.

The reason for this is that the stand rental and associated services is a service provided in Norway. Since Norway is not a member in EU, the regulations are different from countries that are members of EU. Foreign businesses that make use of this service will therefore be dependent on a refund for the tax paid, ahead the event.

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What are the dimensions of the walls?

Dimensions of plates:
Height 243.6 cm.
Width 97.6 cm.

Visible: Height 242 cm x width 96 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 250 cm x width 100 cm.
Stand measures

What are the dimensions of the fascia boards?

Dimensions of the plate:
Height 23.5 cm.
Width 197.6 cm or 297.6 cm.

Visible: Height 21.5 x 196 cm. or 296 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 29.5 cm x width 200 cm or 300 cm.
Stand measures

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