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Kingsland Oslo Horse Show

Telenor Arena
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Event date: 13. - 15. October 2017
Ordering deadline: October 2nd All orders after deadline will have a 30% late order fee

This event is past due. You can still make orders with a 30% extra charge.

Openinghours for the show
Friday13. October kl. 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday14. October kl. 09:00 – 21:00
Sunday15. October kl. 09:00 – 18.00t

It will be possble to enter the exhibition area, for exhibitors, through gate E at these slot times before opening hours:
Friday at 08:00
Saturday at 08:00
Sunday at 08:00

Technical direction

Arild NIlsen

Teknisk ansvarlig

+47 910 07 978
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Frequently asked questions

Why does foreign customers have to pay VAT?

On the 1.1.2010 the new Vat law changed in Norway. Up until this point it was in the regulations authorized a tx exemption for stand rental and associated services to foreign businesses. This regulation is not longer in process by the new VAT rules, and stand rental and associated services to foreign businesses will be regarded as ordinary taxable supplies.

The reason for this is that the stand rental and associated services is a service provided in Norway. Since Norway is not a member in EU, the regulations are different from countries that are members of EU. Foreign businesses that make use of this service will therefore be dependent on a refund for the tax paid, ahead the event.

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What are the dimensions of the walls?

Dimensions of plates:
Height 243.6 cm.
Width 97.6 cm.

Visible: Height 242 cm x width 96 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 250 cm x width 100 cm.
Stand measures

What are the dimensions of the fascia boards?

Dimensions of the plate:
Height 23.5 cm.
Width 197.6 cm or 297.6 cm.

Visible: Height 21.5 x 196 cm. or 296 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 29.5 cm x width 200 cm or 300 cm.
Stand measures

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